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Unleashing your greatest resource-Human Capital-through Talent Optimization

Donate to fight the COVID19 Pandemic

Donate to fight the COVID19 Pandemic

Narish is leveraging its customers, suppliers and partners to help governmental organizations, corporations, and health care facilities get needed supplies like face masks. Please support the cause.

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Are you doing what it takes to build an engaged workforce?

We don't just provide reports. We will help you put in place a scientific process that is data driven that will predict the success of your team. In short we help you get the results.

Providing back office services like payroll, advanced book-keeping services , financial statements a


We provide a comprehensive program where we can provide advanced bookkeeping services and the analytics to support the business. We work on the mundane so that you can focus on what you do best, which is growing your business.


Would you like to eliminate or subsidize your training costs?

Companies and businesses in the State of California might qualify for training funds through the Employee Training Panel (ETP).  

The State of California ETP Fund is reserved for incumbent workers. If you qualify, we utilize ETP funds to eliminate or reduce the cost of your incumbent worker training.

Why We Started

Narish  was founded in 2007 with a simple premise. Help businesses transcend their potential. Founded by business owners, Narish helps companies build systems to run and manage their businesses. Using globally recognized protocols, our team will evaluate your business and then recommend solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.

As business owners we recognize that advice without action results in the status quo. We believe that companies thrive when they embrace the core principles of transparency, empowerment, responsibility and accountability.

We focus our efforts only on the customers need. We also make sure that our focus is on developing the people in using the systems and embedding the processes without compromising the core values that exist within the organization.

We also understand that as business' grow their resources are limited to invest in systems and processes that do not provide a direct immediate return. That is why, wherever possible, we partner with and utilize resources to help offset the costs of implementation and training.

With over twenty years of owning, managing and mentoring business' and employees, we at Narish have the understanding on what business owners need to take their companies to the next level.


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