Management Advisory & Advanced Bookkeeping Services

How it Works

At Narish we understand that allocating your resources in the best way possible maximizes your returns. That is why Narish provides a platform that removes the tedious tasks needed to run the business. This allows our customers to focus on what they do best: i.e. making products or providing services that delights their customers and solves significant roadblocks. 

The Biz-N-Box Platform provides a scalable integrated system along with the necessary professional support to ensure consistent reliable and affordable service. It is IT tools and Business Process support with the Human Intelligence and touch.

Most importantly the Biz-N-Box platform will provide the additional back-office book-keeping services with the financial analytical insights needed by a CEO or CFO. 

We also bring in the capability to build the predictive insights necessary to be competitive in todays world where data and effective use of the big data are critical. The platform is flexible and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

The goal of the Biz-N-Box platform is to help your organization get to a daily P&L and help you make the strategic decisions proactively to help you grow your business.

Interim C-Level Executives

We also help companies by providing seasoned executives to help you navigate your business. An Interim CEO, COO or CFO will provide the assistance needed in building a growing business or one that is just starting up. With a strong background in manufacturing, operations, finance, sales and marketing, we help our customers develop robust systems and processes that help streamline operations while increasing value and profits.



Payroll Processing


We process payroll for your employees and staff as a service.

Accounts Payable Processing


We match and enter your payables and process your AP check run on a timely basis.



We process you receivable invoices and reconcile the checks and deposits.

Reconciliation of Books


We reconcile your credit card, and bank statements and review your general ledger accounts to make the necessary journal entries.

Financial Statement Generation


We generate your financial statements and provide the feedback necessary to guide your in your decision making process. Invoicing, bookeeping and payroll processing all under one roof.

Review and Metrics


We build and give you the KPI necessary to running a healthy business.

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